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About me

Hi, I’m Bram, a 4th year Game Art student. My work mostly consists of 2d concepts, designs and artworks made in procreate and photoshop. Besides designing and digital painting I have an affinity for story-telling and interactivity.


The last half year I’ve been working on a project called Mythic. It’s a concept for an interactive narrative with a focus on world-building.

You can see more of this project on the Mythic project page by clicking on the image to the right.

Visual design

Within visual design, my interests lie in a form of realistic fantasy, with a guilty pleasure of overthinking certain aspects of designs so that they feel realistic and could potentially work in the real world. This also includes how species and cultures evolve, why they have certain abilities and why landscapes, structures or props do what they do and look how they look.

Other projects

Double Dutch Games

I took my internship at Doubledutch Games, a small game company in the heart of Utrecht. 

In this period I worked on various different projects shown below.

Rijksmuseum Familiespel

Me and some other students had the opportunity to make a proof of concept for the family game in the Rijksmuseum. I was responsible as project lead and did some design work, art and testing.

You can click on the image to the left to see a video of the prototype (you will leave the showcase website).