Dark Gods & Macabre Beings

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Dark Gods & Macabre Beings

Ray Adnyana
In short

Find redemption in the afterlife and learn major Buddhist concepts by playing a card game with a dark god in macabre and surrealistic worlds.


Especially during the corona-times, many of us are faced with inner demons that we simply do not have the tools to combat.
And so, this game allows you to learn Buddhistic mindfulness by covering the subject of the three marks of existence. 
It is not an answer but hopefully, when listened to carefully, a slight glimmer of warm light in the dark.

Dates & Contents

Join me on the 27th of January at 18:30-18:50 when I will give you a talk on how to be a truly unique artist!

Fun for both new as well as the more seasoned artists in any category. I'll show you how I approached this unique project as a solo non-developer/programmer artist and made use of various refreshing and interesting render processes.
I'd love for you to see the unique ways a 4th years student game artist applies abstractions and techniques that i've learned through this project. Which makes them truly one-of-a-kind. 

The presentation will be fully spoken in English.





+31 06 37304380

ray adnyana Hi y'all <3
Mart hallo
Mart Shit's Sick man, ziet er heel vet uit. wil graag meer zien
Peter Chlamyde Ello
kiger Hey
Adithya hella fine detail
kiger I only see the main screen of the game. Is that supposed to be happening?
kiger I love the music
Martine Flipse Cooool
Danielle Well done!!
Peter Chlamyde Do you think there is a connection between the artistic process of extrapolating and abstraction and insanity?
Peter Chlamyde Also, unfortunately the video from the trailer wasnt playing and all we saw was the title screen
ray adnyana Thanks for sticking around guys!
ray adnyana <3
ray adnyana Wait so you haven't seen the trailer?
ray adnyana here's a link for you glorious folks
ray adnyana https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P301YY3heSU&feature=emb_logo
ray adnyana Peter, i think the insanity will finds it way into the project. It kind of flows into your process and especially then, is when the creative juggernaut gets made

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