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4th year Game Design student | Games & Interaction

Gordi - Buried City | Gaȳa

Gordi - Buried City is an immersive 3D live album experience in which you’ll be able to watch Gordi perform the songs on her new album “Our Two Skins”, and hear about the thoughts and feelings that were put into creating them. I worked on this project as a freelance UX Designer for a duration of two months. I was responsible for conceptualizing, and iterating on the user journey, 3D environment layouts and interactive elements.

Buried City is rendered in 3D and features 360-degree videos of live performances from Gordi. It is designed for you to explore at your own leisure. Hidden audio bytes and cassette tapes are scattered throughout the space for you to find and interact with. You can navigate the space using your keyboard or mouse, interact with pulsating orbs to view a performance and listen to Gordi narrating your visit via the cassette tapes.

To experience it for yourself, click on the link below and use the password 'ICEMACHINE'

(Gordi - Buried City is only accessible on a computer; desktop PC/Laptop)

Click here to experience Gordi - Buried City

There will be live Q&A sessions at:

16:30 - 16:45 | 17:45 - 18:00 | 18:35 - 18:50

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