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As a social designer, I apply my knowledge of Interaction Design and Design Ethics to develop solutions for the social issues of today and the possible future.

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How can we translate a physical festival to online an online environment?

We are team AYPA and for the last 5 months, we have been designing en developing several prototypes for STRP Festival 2021. Floration is our final proof of concept that we will be presenting today.

STRP Festival is an annual festival about art and technology located in Eindhoven. They asked us to design various prototypes that could help them in their quest to bring the festival to an online platform. We’ve done research into physical art, digital art, and the combination of them both making it hybrid. Experimenting with new technologies was a key part of our design process together with an open and artistic attitude.

Floration is our final proof of concept of which a live demonstration will be shown throughout the presentation. It’s a real-time collaborative art piece that’s being generated by online conversations. By participating in a live chat, you’re collectively creating an art piece. The structure is generated by an algorithm that’s inspired by organic structures that can be found in nature.

During our presentation, we’ll talk about our research findings, design process, and experiments and prototypes that came out of this.

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