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About me

I'm Demi; 
Generalist artist & designer. 
Specialist in VR & reality capture. 
I am a dreamer. 
I love to delve into my realms of thought, let my imagination run wild and explore. Usually I come up with ideas for games; artefacts that are interactive, entertaining and a bit eccentric or mysterious. I'm inspired by nature, surrealism and esoteric literature. I also have a thing for shifting perspectives and I generally love to include metaphors and symbols in my work. I create games, environments, characters or entire worlds, usually out of mixed media and generally brought together in a game engine.
Examples of how you can mix realities: 
- Holding a 3D printed object in your hand which earlier you created in your physical space but in VR.
- Capturing the real world to use in a game engine via 3D scanning.

For more info or if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message!     



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