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by Carl Peters

Dungeon Disasters is a combination environment art project and coding adventure by 4th year game art student Carl Peters.

My goal was to create a system to procedurally generate randomised dungeons, as well as a completed set of modular environment art assets.

As an artist, I wanted to challenge myself with this project to improve my coding ability, as well as to try out new techniques and workflows to speed up my creation process and achieve better results.

Q&A Livestream

Leave a question in either of the chats, and I'll answer it during the Q&A livestreams!

Q&A: 16:30 -16:45
Q&A: 18:00 - 18:15

Carl hewwo
Carl uwu
Julia Hello
Niels I'm here :)
Sten Yooo Carl
Sten Alles goed
Sten Very nice game
Sten Wauw ziet er echt uniek uit!
Sten What is your nicest asset (in your unbiased opinion)
Sten Monkey Man looks good
Sten Biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?
Sten Well done, sounds complicated :thumbs:
Sofia What inspired you to use this kind of spotlight from the top?
Sofia Cool, good idea:)
Sofia Kind of looks as if it was beneath s body of water snd the light shinmers through

As a 3D artist working in games, I believe it is incredibly important to have a broad skillset extending past that of a 3D artist. Technical knowledge as well as an understanding of basic scripting practices are helpful tools to have on hand when working in teams with varying disciplines. 

Download and explore the prototype below:

- Download -

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