Fatal Voices

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Fatal Voices is a 2D art study focusing on design from characters with different ethnicities that can be used in a Japanese rhythm/dating game.


The world in which this story takes place is created by the goddess . She yearned for a world filled with the strongest creatures. Those creatures are the , which have the appearance of habitants of another world she had seen, Earth. In order to ensure only the strongest and most perfect beings would survive, she granted them the to wipe out any weaker creature that roamed her world. A war had started.

Hundreds of years have passed and the Fatal Voices were found among people again. A second war had started because of the found powers. The different races battled for dominance this time with three different groups as their armies. . None of the people, except for those who wield the Fatal Voices know of the goddess’ past intentions. The Celestials believe it’s their calling to wipe out the weakest and impure again, but both the Horrors and Undead think it’s wrong and yet battle for dominance.

A human researching artefacts from the past discovers a tomb and decides to enter it. They lose consciousness after wandering in the dark. But once they wake up, they find themselves in the world created by Dea. They accompany a group of choice and learn about the past. Thinking Dea’s intentions are wrong, they intend on bringing peace among the creatures. 

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