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    Who am I?

My name is Hedwig Klamer, an Interaction Designer that loves to work on applied products with a focus on making a positive impact on society. I have worked on a wide variety of projects from VR games to interactive Museum experiences. I often work as a producer in teams and try to match the client briefs to the talents in my team. As a designer I like to research through design, at every stage I like to show and test my creation to map every variable I can find for the next iteration.


At this showcase I’m showing my graduate project IDLE. IDLE is a selfcare reminder desktop app for during your workday. As someone who believes that healthy work breaks make you more productive, I was very happy to work on this product. All the research, design, code and visuals for this product were made by me. In the end I’m very proud of what I was able to accomplish during my graduation project and I can't wait to hear your reactions.

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    Artist statement; wat is je specialisme, wat maakt jouw werk uniek?

My process is all about mapping my ideas. An idea often sounds good in your head but while communicating it to others it shows its flaws. My process is all about visualizing problems and variables to fill in the gaps. Google sprint very much inspired my process to have calculated steps and to present my ideas and iterations as fast and as much as possible. The best ideas are in my opinion built in multidisciplinary teams where everybody has their specialization and can sharpen the product by bringing their fresh perspective. As Interaction Designer I serve in the middle of this, trying to communicate between stakeholders and users to create a coherent and accessible product.

    Wat zijn je ambities? Wat wil je over vijf jaar bereikt hebben?

In five years I would like to be working at a design firm. I would love to keep working on applied subjects and not go the purely commercial route. Maybe I’ll start another study in a couple of years since I think there is always more to learn, but hopefully I can grow and learn by working in a company that has room for designers that are always looking to keep learning new skills.

Some of the companies in the Netherlands that I find inspirational include: Greenberry, Q42, Kaliber, Mirabeau and Fabrique but I expect that there are loads of places all over the world where I would feel at home that I haven’t heard of yet. 

I believe the world changes in tiny steps so I would like to work on applied projects that help take those steps towards a positive change.

    Wat is het belangrijkste dat je hebt geleerd tijdens je studie?

The most important thing I learned is to never stop learning. The world will always keep changing and it’s important to know what the latest developments are in both tech and design to make sure your designs are still relevant. And as long as you keep learning you will never get stuck in a rut.

    Overzicht van publicaties/exposities/prijzen/concerten/voorstellingen etc.

Living Lab Game Jam 2016

Award for Best Design for PowCow (A VR game to teach kids how much food it takes to make a piece of meat. By shooting cows with food until the explode)

apr. 2016 Transmango & HKU

TNW T500 2019

The Next Web

The T500 is the definitive list of the Netherlands' most inspiring under 26s across all fields of digital. Entrepreneurs, designers, coders, storytellers, academic researchers and more.