Juliette Korthals Altes (Jukay)

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   My name is Juliette, aka 'Jukay', and this is my page! I am currently in my last year of Music & Technology where I

   compose music for, mostly, games. On this page you can see what I have been doing these past years and what

   kind of projects I have been working on

   Feel free to check out my music and don't hesitate to ask me any questions you have

                        Thank you!

    Contact information: jukayvid@hotmail.com

    Sonic Link: 


    Projects featured on this page

    - Game Jam "Bit Smasher"

    - Game Jam "The Crystal Pearl"

    - Other works of music

    Game Jam "Bitsmasher" (older project)

    This project was created around October 2019 where, together with 2 other people, participated in a game jam.

    The theme of the game jam was 'the 80's' so we decided to make a beat 'em up game where you fight iconic 80's characters.

    We only had 48 hours so we only had time for one level and a boss: Michael Jackson.

    My job as a composer was to make 2 tracks: one for the menu and the level and one for the boss music. 

    For the level music I was inspired by other beat 'em up games like Street fighter, combined with other sounds from popular songs from     that time

    For the boss fight music I was, ask you can probably hear, highly inspired by "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. I adjusted the song a bit to       

    not make it TOO obvious but the similarities are there

    I also did the sound effects but sadly we ran out of time so they are not integrated as well as they could have been

    Sadly, the game is no longer on itch but you can check out the full gameplay video here:



    Game Jam "The Crystal Pearl" (current project)

    Right now I'm working together with 2 other girls on a game for their last year at Games & Interaction. 

    This game is a walking simulator inspired by a chinese fairtyale. 

    My goal was to use a lot of chinese influences in the music and to mix them with more traditionally western classical instruments

    I also decided to keep all these songs in the same key to create a feel of synergy in such a short game and so that the last song

    had even more impact when I changed chords there.

    Check out the project website to learn more! https://project-arthe.weebly.com/

    Or, check out their own Showcase page: https://showcase.hku.nl/p/the-crystal-pearl


    "Other works of music"

    I have also done other projects outside of working on videogames. Here are some of these:

    The Throne

    This is an original track that I made when applying to Music & Technology. I remastered this piece last year. 

    It is inspired by the game Ni No Kuni where I liked how the last dungeon in the game did not have any crazy epic music, but 

    instead had as very serene but creepy song playing. I loved this idea so much that I tried to make something similar to that

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon remakes

    At some point we students got a tip from our teacher who said that recerating songs leads to learning

    a lot more about music. I decided to remake some tracks from the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness

    series since that is one of my favorite soundtracks. This is still a work in progress but here you can here the original song

    "Hidden land" and right after that my interpretation of the song.

    Ilussion - Allison Mae (In the style of Whitney Houston)

    This song was made for an online experience during june 2020. We were supposed to create an opera from scratch

    in collaboration with international students but because of COVID we could only do something online. I had to

    make a song that sounded like a Whitney Houston song from here "I wanna dance with somebody" era. The 

    person singing is a girl from the HKU Conservatory who studies Pop singing. The production is not completely

    what I wanted but the song composition is still nice to me

    Shots - Jukay

    Shots is an original song made for a school assignment. Me and another student had to create a triphop song from scratch.

    I did the lyrics, singing, mixing and some of the instruments but we both came up with the concept.

    Sounds of the world (aka Bird cage)

    This song is from march 2020 when we still thought we were doing the opera project. Bird song was composed

    by me but the lyrics were done by the writers from HKU Writing. We got to sit down together to really

    create our own story and that experience was a lot of fun, despite not being able to show anyone what

    we had made.

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