Kyra van den Dries

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van den Dries
3D Game Artist

Hi and welcome to my page!
Currently I am a Game Art student at the HKU and I have worked on 'The Crystal Pearl' project.
My main focus lies around 3D art.  The details and designs you can put into stylized characters and props can really inspire me.  But sometimes I work on a project like the one above and make an environment. All of them bring their own possibilities and challenges. I have always adored sketching traditionally, with ink, watercolours and other media when I get the chance. Classic films, comics and musicals tend to really inspire me in my designs, especially when theye use dramatic shapes in the designs. 
But in the end I want to keep discovering art and the world, find new inspirations, master skills, learn new skills and most importantly, continue having fun in doing so. I can at one point get excited because I finally finished that one shader that was bugging me through the project and the next get great satisfaction out of sewing myself a new skirt or something. But in a project like "The Crystal Pearl" when you work in a team, one of the most important things for me is for everyone to feel comfortable speaking their minds and bring forward new ideas. And in a workfield like this one I think people can use a little kindness. 
Below you will be able to find some projects I have worked on at the HKU and I wish you a good time!

Current Project: The Crystal Pearl

Our project is a colourful and stylized 3D environment inspired by a chinese fairy tale, the Crystal Pearl. An ambitious art heavy project by a team of two game artists, Nuriya Bouwman and myself. For this environment we wanted to lean heavily on environmental storytelling and design an environment where the viewer gets an experience of wonder and curiosity while walking through the surreal landscape.  

Want to know more? Talk a look at our website!

Be the horror in Monster Munch!

This fun arcade style horror game shows the fun side of fright.

Playing as a scrawny sea monster your strongest weapon is suspense and fear.
Catch yourself some dinner by scaring the life out of curious divers
and by doing so find yourself a place in the highscore board!

In this project we did for Imagine Film Festival, I was 3D & GUI artist.

Other work

And if you wish to see more of my work