Nuriya Bouwman

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Hi there!

My name is Nuriya. I am a game artist currently studying at Games & Interaction at the HKU

My digital art journey started back in 2011 and have never stopped drawing since!
I started out as a horse artist, but I love to make and create all kinds of animals, human(oids) and environments.
Though I have the most experience with 2D art, my love for 3D has grown since starting studying at the HKU.
Nature has always been a huge inspiration for my art as well as music, books and everything fantasy.

These days I'm diving more and more into worldbuilding and visual storytelling, writing stories and bringing worlds to life through my art. 
I like to be in between visual art and narrative. 

and when I'm not creating, you can find me between the horses or on the climbing wall!

The Crystal Pearl 

The Crystal Pearl is a surreal 3D environment inspired by a Chinese fairytale,
where the viewer can experience the old tale through visual storytelling by exploring the landscape.

An ambitious art heavy project by a team of two game artists, Kyra van den Dries and myself. For this environment we wanted to lean heavily on environmental storytelling and design the environment in a way that the viewer experiences wonder and curiosity while walking through the surreal landscape. 

Want to know more? Take a look at our website!

Cascada's Lake

Cascada's Lake is a fantasy 3D environment based around environmental storytelling and navigating players through the level

The balance within the Dome of Cascada's Lake is a fragile thing. Cascada's Power Source keeps everything empowered and balanced. In Cascada's absence though, the Power Source get weaker sometimes. When she is away, it is the task of the lightbringer to keep the Power Source fueled. But in order to do so, the lightbringer has to find bits of power and solve puzzles to assemble it. 

Personal Worldbuilding Project

Between other projects this is an ongoing personal worldbuilding project based on a book I'm writing.

Niatara is a diverse world with a lot of different climates over a fairly short distance. There is a main continent and next to that different islands. The whole world is built with the earths geological theory kept in mind to make it as realistic as possible even though it is a magical world. 


Next to game art I also make illustrations. Sometimes as concept art for games, or just for fun.