Sam Walet

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I am a programmer who mainly focusses on gameplay programming but enjoys diving into AI, math, physics and tools in that process. My weaker areas are engine and networking programming. I mostly make games for PC and VR but have done multiplatforming programming so i can program for most gaming platforms. I also enjoy Narrative Design and have practiced this in my games as well as a 3 year long D&D campaign with two groups in one universe. I get a lot of inspiration from modern science and ancient mythology my interest for which comes from a fascination with how we understand the world.

Gameplay Programmer

I am primarily a gameplay programmer though i enjoy have a very broad skillset. I like gameplay programming because it allows me to design, test and explore through programming. I can take an idea and through prototyping, testing and reflection forge it into a fun or perhaps simply functional mechanic. Whether it is quickly turning out functionality or really perfecting a core mechanic i thoroughly enjoy the process of taking an idea and refining it into a reality. However if the realization of a mechanic requires me to make use of different faces of development i will gladly do so. If needed i can create tools, write AI Systems (Finite State Machine, Behaviour Tree) and apply math & physics to create my own physics or collision system or even animate through code. However i am at my best working in an existing engine where i can use pre-existing functionality and replace it where necessary. I have a basic understanding of C++ but low-level engine programming and networking code are my weaker areas.

VR and PC

I have mostly made games for PC as it is my own preferred platform but have also kept multiplatform in my mind making it so some of those games are easily portable. I have also done several projects for VR working with the HTC Vive, Vive Focus and Oculus Quest headsets and even did an internship at PWXR studios creators of Active ESports Arena where your play with your entire body in VR. The possibilities of VR where very interesting to me and i think it still has a lot of potential for innovation and interesting mechanics. However my main passion lies with singleplayer PC Games., these are the games i love and  the games i want to create.

Narrative Designer

I not just a programmer i've always enjoyed learning many different things. Mainly i have an interest in narrative design as once again i enjoy singleplayer games, often ones that either have great mechanics, great story or preferably both. I want to create powerful emotional reactions and deep interesting world lore like some of my favorite media (for example: Lord of the Rings, Undertale and DOOM Eternal) and i believe that interactive storytelling gives an unique power to accomplish such reactions because the player is part of the story. My main exercise in storytelling is my D&D campaign which consists of two seperate groups playing over 3 years (so far) their stories slowly interweaving into a single story. They are able to influence the story and i have been building the world in tandem with the actual play sessions meaning their decisions shape the world. When something i have made causes some to smile, cry or just shout in excitement that is a win for me.

Science and Mythology

Besides taking inspiration from the media i consume i have a passion for science and mythology. I want to understand the world and i think the best way to do that is to understand the modern theories about the why and how as well as the old ones. These fascinations affect my design as my passion for ancient mythologies and modern science bleed through into my stories, worldbuilding and even mechanics. My current project Yerra is in all aspects inspired by science and my love for space while my D&D campaign's worldbuilding is largely based on real world mythologies as i try to merge the world's diverse mythologies into a single world where these gods and stories co-exist alongside fantasy elements like elves and dwarves. I spent a lot of my free time reading original mytholigical texts like the Iliad the story of the war with Troy by Homer and the Poetic Edda the main source of our knowledge of Norse Myth and have been expanding into more and more mythologies like Japanese, Mesoamerican and more.  I also watch a lot of scientific youtube channels that do a great job of explaining difficult topics in an undrestandable way.