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About me:

My name is Matthew van Eenenaam I was born in 1994 and have a passion form creating games and studying the game industry.

I graduated from a MBO education in Web and Game development at GLR in Rotterdam where my focus was in Game development. And I am currently in my last year of study to get my Bachelor of Creative Media and Game Technologies.

In my time at these two schools I have worked mostly with the Unity engine and C#. With which I have created multiple game projects in different genres ranging from RPGs to top down shooters to AR Shmups and currently a stealth/exploration game. I have also learned some Html/Css/Php and a tiny bit of c++/Unreal engine, gotten some 3d art experience and learned about narrative design in games. 

Portfolio Link:

Scriptures of The Underground:

Scriptures of The Underground is a stealth exploration game about a man ending up in the underworld as a result of his own experimentation trying to travel there. Here he is led by his thirst for knowledge to document the strange creatures and events that inhabit this world.

On this project I was the sole developer in a team that consisted of artists so sometimes I took some designer tasks where needed. I programmed a climbing system, general movement , a journal system to store the different findings of the main character ,enemy AI , behavior for cutscenes

Pod Panic:

Pod Panic is a top down shooter / tower defense game where the player is tasked with defending its spaceships air pods from the evil rats trying to break them and rebuild them into little factory's. Armed with the love gun the player shoots at the rats to convince them to stop there evil ways and in some cases even convince them to help him defend the air pods. Along the way the player encounters powerups to that can speed him up/ repair the pods instantly and make his gun shoot without overheating to help him in his battle. And when he convinces stun rats he could even use their battery's to upgrade the love gun.

In this project I was the sole developer. Therefore I was responsible for everything programming wise you see in this game. Some of the main things Im proud of in this project are the game manager script which keeps track of the game and switches its state at certain times to make more of the level available to the player , tell the enemies the pods in those areas are now available for attacks , change frequency of drop and spawn values and ends the game when needed.


For my internship I worked on "Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the end of the world"  which is a 2.5D cartoon platformer that uses a gravity switching mechanic to have the player platform both rightside up and upside down

The characters/enemies in the game are 3D, which make them more alive (orthographic view and cell shading), whereas the backgrounds/foregrounds remain in 2D to provide an overall cartoony look.

In this project I mainly worked on the worldmap of the game which is displayed as a big blackboard with multiple timelines. I also helped with some level design and boss design tasks to learn some more about gamedesign.

JRPG Battle System:

In my own time I started building a RPG demo in the Unity engine. I wanted to experiment with the systems you would find in a JRPG. Namely turnbased battles , quest systems ,dialogue and then later on party and equipment systems. For the setting Ive had this modern day city in mind that has the classic fantasy monsters of JRPGs living in it as if they were just as normal as an animal.

Project Hybrid Spaces:

For project hybrid spaces me and my team made a AR Shmup game. In this game two players would be across from each other at a table competing to destroy the most enemy ships. While also being able to destroy each others ships for extra points. The player ships where controlled by moving and angling the trackers the players had on the table and would shoot automatically.

The big thing on this project that I was responsible for was creating a tool with which made it easy for anyone in the development team to create their own enemy waves setup for a level . This made it so that we could quickly setup multiple different levels of difficulty for people to play. And that even the artist could make it work without a developer present.