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Margarita Amirkhanian Welcome ! :)
Margarita Amirkhanian Feel free to leave any questions/comments here, thanks!
Gustav Hi Margarita! :) I think you did an amazing job on Scriptures of the Underground, seeing your personal work I'm not surprised ^^
Gustav I have a questions still, was there any challenge fitting such stylized characters with the environment?
Margarita Amirkhanian Like emphasizing the more dangerous parts of a creature, or making a character have a certain expression so give the hellish vibe
Margarita Amirkhanian to*
Gustav Thank you :)
Margarita Amirkhanian thank you for the kind words Gus! :)
Margarita Amirkhanian to answer your question, yes there were some things that I needed to keep in mind while designing them. Since we chose to make it somewhat stylized, we had to watch out that it didn't look too "cartoony", since the story plays out in Hell. So certain expressions and shapes had to be emphasized so it would make sense in that world
Gustav I see, the project reads very well together. Was there something you wanted to add to but you couldn't because of time constraints?
Margarita Amirkhanian yes definitely, I would also have loved to create more characters for the game, and also introduce new ones but sadly we only had 5 months.. But who knows maybe some other time :)
Gustav That's great to read :) Thank you for answering my questions and congratulations once again Margarita ^^
Margarita Amirkhanian thank you ! :D


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