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Gustav Hello :D
Martha Hello
jeremy Hello, Stream will start in 5 mins ^^
Gustav Nice!
Margarita hey gus :)
Gustav Hi Margarita ^^
Margarita HEY marth
Zjacky I'm in :D
jeremy Welcome =D
jeremy There is a bit of a delay in stream so awnsers might come a little late
Zjacky What is your project about? : )
Gustav The creature look amazing, what was the inspiration for them?
Gustav creatures*
Zjacky Did you have any challenges trying to portrait that? Your own version of hell
Zjacky Her mic isn't working I think
Zjacky Is there any background to the environmental design, apart from it being hell? (: Are there any other aspects of the story that we can find there
Gustav I see, yes it did! :)
Myrna Can you show a bit of your project?
Myrna Like a trailer or walkthrough or something
Zjacky I think Remco already answered that one! But there was a delay
Zjacky No worries haha <3 He was talking about it while he was explaining about the vedigitation, but I would love to hear if you have anyting to add to that ofc.
Zjacky Where there any dev. challenges?
Gustav I see that there's a slingshot on the main character's left arm, is it used a game mechanic that interacts with enemies and or environments?
Martha This game looks great, can I buy it on steam?
Zjacky <3
Matthew gustav there is its used to shoot a little distraction to get the watchers off your tail
Gustav :) Thank you guys!
Gustav I see! :D that's pretty cool, I really like the mood of the game. Good job guys!
Margarita <3 :)
Claire thanks
jeremy I'm afraid not, the Trailer is the only thing we show at the moment
Gustav Alright, thanks Jeremy ^^
Claire So a lot of testing I suppose :)
jeremy If anybody has some questions you can post them in chat, we will go lice soon! ^^
Claire What was the most challenging part of developing this game?
Martha How did you guys come up with this story?
Gustav Are you guys going to show some gameplay during the stream? :)
Sil How did you decide on a artstyle? I'm in late so this might've been already answered but I'll ask it anyway.
Claire is the music in the trailer also made by Maaike?
jeremy Yes, Maaike made all the sound and music
Claire I love the atmosphere in the music as well, it's a great fit
Claire Cool, interesting to hear
Gustav Very nice job, thank you guys for answering our questions :)

The Team:

environment art game games en interactie muziek en technologie showcase sound design storytelling world building