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Sonic Link

Interactive Sound Collective

16:45 - 17:00 Q&A / Meet the team
17:15 - 17:35 Talk: The human response to sound
17:45 - 18:00 Q&A / Meet the team
18:05 - 18:25 Talk: Music as game mechanic
18:30 - 18:45 Q&A / Meet the team
19:05 - 19:25 Talk: Songwriting in video games
19:30 - 19:45 Q&A / Meet the team

maaike moens Welkom op onze pagina! Zie hier links onze stream
juliette korthals altes welkom!
juliette korthals altes hellooo
Vijay Zijn dit de soort 'triggers' die jij ook in je systeem wil gaan bouwen?
Bas Mag het geluid harder?
Vijay Inderdaad, hij staat vrij zacht
Bas oh hey Vijay (☞ຈل͜ຈ)☞
Vijay (☞ຈل͜ຈ)☞
Vijay Bedankt voor de uitleg!
Erik van der Vliet Hoi Elsje, ik merkte dat ik nog niet ingelogd was voor de chat hier, maar ASMR is inderdaad een redelijk booming business. Gibi ASMR, de vrouw in het filmpje van net, heeft bijvoorbeeld drie miljoen subscribers en deze video van october 2020 heeft al 758 duizend vieuws ongeveer.
juliette korthals altes we hebben zo een q&a voor vragen om 17:45!
Elsje Hoi Erik, hoe ben je hier zo bij gekomen? Is ASMR booming business?
juliette korthals altes oh neee net te laat elsje!
Elsje geeft niks!
Elsje wellicht tot straks ;-)
Elsje Aha. Denk je dat je er iets aan kan gaan verdienen, aan jouw systeem? (Sorry, allemaal vragen over geld ;-)
Erik van der Vliet En mijn motivatie om een website/systeem hiervoor te maken komt uit het feit dat ik vaak bezig ben geweest met het zoeken naar een fijne video, terwijl ik eigenlijk gewoon wilde gaan slapen. Dan zou het voor mij handiger geweest zijn als ik vijf minuutjes aan wat sliders had kunnen schuiven om het gewenste geluid te maken
Elsje Dank!
Erik van der Vliet Ik denk dat ik er zeker een verdienmodel aan zou kunnen hangen met ads of een subscription. Maar dat is iets om na het afstuderen uit te bouwen denk ik zo.
Nuriya hey hey!
juliette korthals altes hoi hoi!
Nuriya dat is best wel een cool concept! Had die game nog niet eerder gezien haha
juliette korthals altes oops haha
Ciska Duidelijk verhaal!
fiona hoi :)


We are Sonic Link, a collection of ambitieus and talented composers and sound designers who work together on all different kinds of projects, with a main focus on video games. Our skills are varied so we can work on a huge variety of games. We want to expand the experience of players and make them feel all kinds of emotions with our high quality audio, realism, immersion and originality. The goal is to always strive for something better than ‘good enough’.

Our talents go from being able to create sounds that deepen the immersion, to making breathtaking compositions that transport you to another place. Members of our collective possess skills like sound design, implementation, composition in all different kinds of styles and the recording of vocals and instruments.  Anything you need in terms of sound for your game, we got you covered!

Have we piqued your interest? You can contact us here on our email:


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Bran Soeters “The Bridge between Worlds” is a bass and composition wizard known for keeping a cool head and keeping everyone else’s pointed in the right direction. He’s been a part of projects varying much in style and feel. From sound designing a binaural experience for the Dutch National Archives to composing a bizarre piece for a sight restricted art installation. Bran is always looking out , not only for the project itself to constantly check whether its originally stated values and goals are being met, but also for the artists involved, to see if they feel like they are reaching their full potential.

Erik van der Vliet “ The World Generator” is a sound-designer with a focus on (generative) ambiences and charactersounds to create unique worlds using these building blocks. As a classically trained trombonist and self-taught saxophonist dabbling in some more guitar oriented music with a band on stage and being a live-audio engineer, Erik has knowledge about a large amount of various musical genres. His sound-design is grounded in reality, but realistic sound-design isn’t necessarily immersive, and immersion is the ultimate goal.

Maaike Moens “ The Soundweaver” is a composer and interactive music designer who focuses on sweeping melodies and storytelling through music. As a naturally curious person, she likes to experiment and find new ways to enhance worldbuilding through sound. Like a real life bard, she tries to find ways to fit her instruments or voice into her compositions to make them truly come to life, and together with the use of virtual orchestrations she weaves together the sounds to create dreamy and ambient atmospheres.

Juliëtte Korthals Altes “The Star” is a composer who is inspired by games, both old and new, and pop music. As a singer, she has an extended backlog of singing knowledge and loves to apply her singing knowledge to her tracks, which sound magical and fun. She is a spontaneous girl who likes to work with a creative idea and always thinks outside of the box and always knows how to keep people on their toes!

compositie media music muziek en technologie showcase sound design