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Kyra Hewwo :)
juliette korthals altes looks nice! :D
Bart 👏🏽
juliette korthals altes you guys prefer the twitch or chat here?
Niels Both require login, I'm fine with this chat
Erik We thought options would be nice
Julia hallo!
Sam heyo
Bob Hi!
Bram hola
Mart ola
Bram The art looks amazing and the gameplay quite refreshing and unique, I'm going to find some time to play it tonight
Anniek That would be great Bram!
Niels oh wow, wat een stap vergeleken met een tijdje geleden!
Mart Wie heeft die prachtige animaties gemaakt
Mart theyre adorable
Mart ze lijken getweened
Lisa Dit project is zo pretty!
Bram ja hollow knight is ook wel een goeie reference hoor :D
Bram Mick de denker
Mick Hahaha
NielsV hello Pears! :)
Myrna Hello apple
NielsV Ik ben geen Appel :o
NielsV Ik ben ook een pear hehe
Bram omg xD
Myrna Jeez that looks cool
NielsV Really like the environment and 2D + 3D
Mart AHH
Mart look at those bones
Niels Looks like a lot of work
NielsV So clever!
NielsV Eyy there are 2 Niels'?
Mart I made this
NielsV Really nice to see this behind the scenes stuff
Myrna Really awesome guys, well done
NielsV Gotta go now, good luck and thanks :)
Niels Yup :)
Mick Thank you Bram!
Lisa Ik wou dat ik wist van dat Pear pressure
Lisa Had echt heel fijn geweest
Niels Niels K en Niels V vermoed ik ;)
NielsV Denk het ook haha
Julia Als je wilt kun je nog bij de discord voor latere projecten :)
NielsV You can become an Apple Lisa
Lisa Dit is mijn graduation project. Maar ms zak ik dus in dat geval graag! xD
NielsV We have apples and pears :)
Lisa Very interesting talk :D
Lisa Aangezien m'n naam Perelaer is.... xD
Bram Really cool, I need to do a Q&A myself first but I hope I can join you later in your Q&A
Julia Great talk!
NielsV Yeah nice talk!!
Julia ik heb je net via instagram wat gestuurd @lisa :D
Mart Beautiful stuff guys!
Mick Thank you all!
Niels thank you
Sam Love the little flags
Sam Can you only place the SnapInns on those little platforms?
Sam A lot improved since the playtest i did, especially just how responsive everything is.
Sam The animations, sounds and particle effects do wonders
Mick It is very easy!
Mick XD
Bram Hey I'm back, what where the biggest challenges with this 2d/3d artstyle?
Bram The main character is fully 2d as well?
Bram yeah it looks like a shader
Bram nice job
NielsV Ohhh I finally see it with 60 FPS Now it looks even better than it already did!
NielsV It were those discord streams xd
NielsV Now I want to play it!
Mick You need to have all sprites on a rotation that is parrallel to the camera's forward direction. That way it looks 2D but also has depth
Bram Yeah exactly
Mick Thank you too!
Bram yeah for example I assume you can't rotate the stairs and the grass etc
Bram ah yeah the station
Bram great project guys, very interesting art and game design
Bram the rotation
NielsV Ohh I like the sounds as well :D
Kyra they looks so cute and bouncy! still so impressed guys!
NielsV How did you came up with the layouts of the levels?
Bram I assume you cant rotate around the character
NielsV Those flags are a nice visual que
NielsV Thanks guyss :) Really liked this session!
Bram not sure if I missed something (the cat was bothering me), but did you diliberately lock the camera view to make the art look better? or at least easier to implement?
Bram Because in don't starve I think you can rotate, but I worked on a 2d/3d project as well and noticed that it's really hard to design interesting levels around that
NielsV Ohh mann that train transition *o*
Mick Thank you man!
Bram I haven't played it yet but I'm going to do that this evening
Bram I will finish it, don't worry
Bram have a nice evening guys!
Mick Hopefully you don't find too many bugs*
Bram yeah I will :D

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Anniek Oderwald

Game Artist

Erik Oussoren

Game Artist

Maaike Moens

Composer / Sound designer

Mick Gerritsen

Game Developer & Level Designer

Willemien Weijers

UI/ UX/ Game Designer

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